Keeping Toddlers Safe At Home

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Keeping Toddlers Safe At Home

As children grow older and are able to move around by themselves, their curiosity increases. To prevent toddlers from suffering an injury at home, the Home Safety Council recommends that parents conduct a home safety evaluation from a child’s perspective. In doing so, parents should go into every room of the home, kneel down to their child’s height and look for potential dangers.


Consider implementing the following to help keep your toddler safe:


  • Install baby gates at the base and top of staircases.
  • Install child safety locks on cabinets, especially those that house chemicals, medicines, matches, lighters and cosmetics.
  • Purchase household cleaners and medications with child-resistant bottle tops.
  • Install toilet seat locks and do not leave buckets of water lying around.
  • Place caps over electrical outlets and teach your children that the holes are not toys.
  • Turn your hot water heater to 120° F and test the faucet and bath water before allowing your child to climb in.
  • Place cribs, beds and chairs away from windows.
  • Install window locks or safety guards on windows and keep window treatment cords stored overhead.
  • Do not allow your child to play with toys that can be swallowed and lodged in his or her throat.
  • Cover the ground under playground equipment with mulch or wood chips. The layer should be at least 9-12 inches to provide adequate padding.


Fire Safety Tip

A home fire is terrifying and requires that all members of the family act fast to get out safely. Practice fire drills to make sure that everyone, especially young children, knows what the smoke detector sound indicates.


Then, devise a plan for how to get each family member out of the home safely, remembering that small children will require a lot of assistance.



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